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August 23, 2013
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Child!Canada x Reader - Rescued


(f/c) Favorite color

(e/c) Eye color

(f/n) First name

(l/n) Last name

(d/l/n) Doctor's last name

(h/c) Hair color

(f/c/s) Favorite cartoon show

~Your POV~

The rain was pouring now, the wind whipping ice-cold pellets into my face and threatening to take my (f/c) umbrella away. I’m never going to make it home in one piece in this weather! I’ll just stick to the sidewalk until I get to my house. Suddenly, I heard a muffled crying, followed by some soft sniffles. When I looked up, there was a little boy sitting on a bench, his face hidden by a stuffed toy bear. My instincts kicked in and I ran over to this boy. I quickly held my umbrella so that we both were under its protection.


“What in the world are you doing out here?” I asked the little boy. His sniffles slowed down enough to answer me. He slowly lifted his head and peered into my (e/c) eyes. I stared back into his beautiful blue-violet orbs. His long blonde locks looked like they hadn’t been brushed in days and one unruly hair curled at the front of his head.


“I…got lost…” He said at last.


“Well come with me. I don’t live far from here, we’ll get you all dry and then you can tell me what happened.” I said as calmly as I could. In truth, the wind was so harsh and the rain was so cold. I didn’t want this boy to get sick. He held his bear tighter to his chest.


“Can we get Mr. Kumajirou dry too?” He asked between sniffs as he hopped off the oak bench.


“Of course we can! My name is (f/n)(l/n). What’s yours?” I reached out for his hand.


“I’m Matthew Williams.” He said taking my hand. “And this is Mr. Kumajirou!” He held up his bear to show me. After Matthew had introduced me to Mr. Kumajirou, He was thrown into a fit of coughs. I wasted no time, scooping him into my arms and getting back to my house.



~Timeskip brought to you by Maple Syrup. We are now at your house. Matthew is sleeping on the couch~

“Please wake up Mattie.” I softly whispered. He had passed out after his coughing fit and has been asleep for over four hours. I had called a doctor.




“He is very lucky you found him when you did Miss (l/n). Had you arrived any later, he wouldn't have made it.” The doctor said. He handed me a small bottle with some kind of red liquid in it. “Give him 3 teaspoons when he wakes up. And another 3 every seven hours. Do that consistently, and he’ll be just fine.”


“Thanks Doctor (d/l/n). I will” I said as the man waved and left. The rain had settled now and the sun was shining. I’ll take good care of him.


~Back to the Present~


After another hour or so, I heard a soft mumble.

“Miss (f/n)? Are you okay? Wake up!” My eyes shot open. Crap! I had fallen asleep! I would've shot up and apologized profusely had Matthew not been stroking my (h/c) hair. The way he did it was very soothing and gentle. My hair was still wet, but Mattie didn’t seem to mind. I slowly sat up and wrapped my arms tightly around his small figure. To my surprise, he hugged me back without hesitation. While I was giving him the medicine, I asked Matthew how he had gotten lost in the first place. His eyes fell as he recalled what happened.

He started talking very quietly, so I pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. "I was at the park with my brother, Alfred. Well, when it was time to go, he took off before I could get into the car. My family does that a lot because sometimes they forget I'm here. So I had wandered around looking for my home, and then it started to rain. It was only a sprinkle, but then it got worse and worse and I couldn't see anything! I was so far away from the park, so I sat on that bench and waited for the rain to stop. But it didn't, and then you found me and took care of me."

Poor Matthew looked like he was on the verge of tears. But I had something I knew would cheer him up. Here's a hint. It's soft and white and furry! And it was cleverly hidden behind my back. I knelt in front of Mattie and looked into his eyes.

"Hey Mattie, guess what? I think someone here really really missed you!" When I told him this, his expression turned from sad to shocked. I slowly took Mr. Kumajirou out from behind my back. Little Matthew's face lit up like the fourth of July.

"KUMA!" He took the bear from me and squeezed it tightly to his chest, jumping around with joy. "He's so soft and warm!" I smiled as his little curl bounced around with him.

He stopped jumping suddenly. I got a little confused. "Is something wro-" Matthew lunged at me with tears streaming down his face as he wrapped me in another hug.

"Thank you so much for rescuing me and Kuma Miss (f/n)! I don't know what we would've done without you!" He cried into my shoulder. I accepted the hug and gave another in return. No words were needed anymore. However what he said resounded in my head and filled my heart with joy.

Thank you for rescuing me


~2 years later and Arthur's P.O.V.~

I looked up from my novel. Why was I suddenly so worried? "Um, hey Francis?" The blonde Frenchman peered up from his newspaper.

"What is it mon ami?"

I racked my mind for the reason for this feeling. "Well, you see I've got the feeling that we're missing something..." Alfred looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Ya know, I kinda do too man. What do you think it could be dude?" The American scratched his head furiously in an attempt to remember. "Are we all here?"

Francis folded the newspaper in his hand and set it on the coffee table. "Silly American, who could we be miss..." His words trailed of as all three of us suddenly remembered who wasn't present. We all exclaimed in unison:


~Back to your P.O.V.~

I was sitting on the couch watching (f/c/s) with Mattie and Kumajirou snuggled next to me. He took a deep breath. I thought he was yawning, but instead he sneezed, causing me to jump. I had to admit his little sneeze was adorable. I peered down at his little face, which he was rubbing with the back of his sleeve. I had to giggle a bit.

"You okay Mattie?" I asked.

"Y-you know the saying that w-when you sneeze, someone is talking about you?" he asked back. I nodded. "Well, I-I think my family remembered me." For some reason, he looked saddened by this.

"Do you want to go home?" I asked softly. Matthew's eyes shot to my face and without giving any thought, he snuggled closer to me and said, "No way!"
My first fanfiction! I'm so proud! Feedback is really appreciated! Good or bad, I just like feedback. You are the only stranger Mattie is allowed to trust.

Hetalia / Canada (c) Hidekaz Himaruya and you.
You (c) You
Story (c) ALL MINE!
Extended Ending idea: :iconstrawberry-freckles:

EDIT: 86 faves and 681 views so far :iconwhoareyouplz: I don't care who you are I love you guys!
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