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September 1, 2013
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You groaned in frustration as writer's block took over once again. It was such a good idea in your head! But now that you reread your masterpiece, it sounded like junk. You sighed as you deleted the entire piece of work and run your fingers through you (h/l)(h/c) hair. You glance at the clock sitting on your nightstand. It was 5:30 already?! You had to be at school in less than two hours! You groan again, shut down your laptop, and trudged over to your bed, where you flopped down and fell asleep immediately.

"________!" Your teacher yelled from the front of the room. Your eyes snapped open and you jerked you head to look at the teacher. "S-sorry (sir/ma'am)!" You said. Your teacher sighed and shook (his/her) head. "Save your Z's for bedtime! Pay attention! Now, back to the lesson..." Everyone was snickering at you. Everyone except your desk mate and best friend (and secret crush!), Arthur Kirkland. You shot him a 'What the hell?' glance and he shrugged. That was it? Just a shrug? Usually when you did something embarrassing he was laughing along with the other students. What was wrong? You shrugged the question off and opened your notebook. Not your class notebook, your (f/c) fanfiction notebook. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Arthur glance at all the crossed out ideas that littered the pages. All of them were about different anime characters, but the majority of your failed ideas were about your favorite Hetalia character, England. Yet, you still racked your brain for good ideas.

~Timeskip by Flying Mint Bunny~

"Writing more fanfictions, ________?" Arthur asked you at lunch. You simply nodded, eyes glued to your notebook, your food untouched. He sighed and sat down next to you. "What is it about now? Is it a reader insert? I think your reader inserts are the best. You should write more of those!" He said, trying to start a conversation. Your (e/c) eyes stared into his emerald orbs.

" my stories?" You asked the Brit. You never thought anyone even looked at your crappy stories, much less read them! Arthur nodded excitedly and started going on about your reader inserts and how amazing they were. He thought they were amazing?

"_______? Hey, _______!" You snapped out of your trance. "Oh I'm sorry Arthur! What was that?" He chuckled and shook his head. "I asked if you wanted to hang out after school! We can write a fanfiction together!" Well you didn't really have anything else to do after school. You nodded. "Sure! That sounds fun!" Arthur beamed. "Great! Well I'll see you later!" He waved and left for his next class.

~Yay! Another timeskip brought to you by a random unicorn!~

"I'm going to Arthur's house, mom!" You yelled into the living room. "Okay honey! Just be home before dinner!" Came your mother's reply. You walked out the door and started down the street. Arthur didn't live too far away, so you got to his house pretty quick. You walked up the porch steps and rang the doorbell. It was only a few seconds before you were greeted by Arthur's mother.

"Hello ________! It's so nice to see you!" Said the cheery woman. "And it's great to see you too Mrs. Kirkland! Is Arthur here?" She nodded and opened the door wider so you could come in. "He's upstairs in his room. I have to go to the store for a few minutes, it seems we're out of tea." She turned towards the stairs and yelled "NO FUNNY BUSINESS ARTHUR!" You laughed at her warning. "Don't worry Mrs. K, I'll keep him in line!" She smiled and ruffled your hair. "I'm certain you will!"  She waved and left for the store.

You climbed up the stairs and knocked on Arthur's bedroom door. You heard quite a bit of noise from the other side of the door. "Just a minute ________!" Came Arthur's voice. After a couple minutes the door opened to reveal Arthur in a full England cosplay. "Ta-da!" He sang out. "What do you think?"

You couldn't help but laugh a little. "You look just like him Arthur!" He did, indeed look just like England, emerald eyes, messy, blonde hair, and rather bushy eyebrows. Not to mention his English accent fit the whole costume perfectly. "All you need is a scone and you're set!" He smiled and ushered you to the desk where his laptop sat, with Microsoft Word already open. "Let's get started shall we?" He asked as he pulled out the desk chair.

After a while you were getting in into an argument with your brain. Well this is good! No it isn't brain! Well I think it is. Well I think it isn't. You held your head in your hands. Arthur seemed to sense your frustration as he stared at the still blank document. "________, why don't you take a break?" He suggested. A break sounds great. You let out a huff and nodded, closing the laptop and stretching.

Arthur piped up again, "Hey I have a great idea for an England reader insert! Come over here and I'll tell you!" Well he always had great ideas about everything, so this would have to be good! You did as he asked and sat next to him on the bed. "Yeah? What is it? I could use anything at this point." You said to him. You also noticed that he was still wearing the England cosplay.

"Well, it's a classic story were boy meets girl," he inches closer to you, "boy falls in love, and decides to tell girl," closer, "and they make each other happy," his face was inches from yours, "forever..." with this he closes the distance and presses his lips to yours. It was soft and gentle and you returned the kiss with all your affection. When the need for air was too great, you broke apart, gasping slightly. "They write amazing fanfictions together, and lived happily ever after." Arthur finished.

"Who needs written stories when I've already lived the greatest fanfiction of my life?" You ask as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him again.
Yay! :iconyayenglandplz: Another reader insert! Enjoy and leave feedback!

Warning: There is exactly one swear word, not bad enough to put a Mature Content Warning on it. But it's there.

Story (c) :iconfrostychica:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsmexyenglandplz:
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more breakage of all the walls
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Mind blown XD
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